Pylon furniture from the 90’s – Tom Dixon (Brussels Design September 2017)


A collaboration with Inflate.

Experiments with lightweight structures inspired by early 3-D wire-frame computer programs and bridge engineering to produce Pylon Series.

The making and remaking of the Pylon Chair countless times, to try and reinforce weak points and prevent collapse, taught me how to make things properly. It felt like a crash course in primitive structural engineering […]. The results made me believe more in the underlying structures of an object, rather than their surfaces, and leaves me in awe of the skills of the structural engineer.

Tom Dixon


© Tom Dixon, Pylon, 1991-1996

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Tom Dixon – Pylon

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Tom Dixon

About Inflate:

Nick Crosbie and Mark and Mike Sodeau set up Inflate in 1995 in London.

Inflate is now creatively directed by Nick Crosbie from his studion workshop in Antwerp, where he continues to develop anything from small packaging to large event structures.

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