La Trame Ancestrale (The Ancestral Weave) – Matali Crasset (Brussels Design September 2015)


with the collaboration of Jean-Denis Filliozat, Michel Frey & Charlotte Poupon

An environment to make peace with one’s ancestral weave, a travel through our genealogy and our humanity.

The robots allowed in a first phase to develop some knowledge on our psychic, cognitive …. functioning with the idea that such functioning would be modelled on ours. As suggested by Gabriela Airenti, “when we put an object as our interlocutor, we presume that it has the same mental characteristics as human being. The anthropomorphism derives from the need to build relationship with the others.

This project is based on the assumption that the next steps could be that the robot itself in turn helps us know ourselves, in particular with the aim of finding back a certain equilibrium. The project of integration of such a robot is developed from the neurosciences perspective.

©Matali Crasset

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