Endgrain (Raw Edges) – Brussels Design September 2014


Through its grains a tree manages to conduct water and minerals throughout the plant. We thought that if water can be transferred along the grain we can add pigment to fully paint a block of wood from within… just like the fake blue roses! So we soaked the wood in colours and built up a collection of colourful timbers that are later glued to each other in vivid colourful patterns. When sculpting these complex patterned blocks into the finish objects, the three dimensional shape distorts the graphic patterns in a surprising and unexpected way. The launch of the Endgrain collection is coincided with the Brussels Design September, where we focused on patterns that are inspired by check textiles to create a collection of desk, wall shelf, stools, low tables maybe even jam jar tops.

Endgrain Collection has been nominated as Design of the year at the Design Museum London 2015.

©Raw Edges

Project references:

Designboom – Colorful endgrain furniture by raw-edges at brussels design september

Dezeen – Raw Edges shapes Endgrain wooden furniture to reveal colourful patters

Designer’s website:

Endgrain on Raw Edges’ website

Raw Edges’ website